Karate Black Belt Grading Essay. by Oliver Andrews

It’s important for children and Teenagers to exercise because otherwise the world would be overly obese and that would be bad, because the people who are obese would consume a lot more food and the world would be on a food shortage. But even more importantly if you’re healthy it would give you more you less of a chance to have heart attacks and diabetes.

If you don’t keep exercising you will gradually become more and more anti-social because you’re probably just going to spend all day looking at a computer screen. The Times newspaper has even quoted that it is extremely important for children to exercise because if they don’t all of them will grow up to be anti-social and they’ll grow less and less popular, even if you want to be a gamer when you’re older it is still very important to exercise.

Usually schools do Two P.E lessons a week for an hour which is good but if you can, try to write a diary and set yourself a goal to keep losing more and more weight until you are below your goal, after you’ve achieved your goal start again and aim higher this time and so on till you think you are fit.

It is also important for children to exercise because otherwise they will not be good team workers and will grow up to do everything on their own. Martial arts offers protection against bullies and other things, it will also give you a better chance if you ever get into a fight to block and other things to defend yourself. It offers the skill of making yourself a good team worker because you have to work with other people in your class and it helps you to learn new sequences of moves such as katas and forms which is good to develop your brain.

Martial arts is very good because(like we discussed earlier) it keeps you very fit unlike some sports like chess(which is recognized as a sport by the international Olympic committee in 1999) Karate and other martial arts keep you fit by making sure your arms and legs are being used a lot to block, attack, lock, throw and hold down. Martial arts use your tummy muscles a lot too because you need to know how to tense if a punch or a kick is thrown at you which karate also trains you for by doing sparring which is essentially safe fighting.   You also become more flexible from the different stretching exercises and stronger from doing certain things like holding a deep stance.