Sometimes as a coach in any sport it’s easy to feel like a nag, constantly reminding students to ‘bend their knee’ or ‘pull their hand back’ or ‘grip the uniform differently’ or whatever is specific to a particular sport.

The focus of Sunday’s monthly coaching meeting  was how to create effective and fun new ways to develop skills without seeming like we are nagging. Sharing experiences and knowledge of Gymnastics, Judo, Tennis, Karate, Tai Chi, Teaching in academic situations and discussing how we can relate this experience to Andragogy and Pedagogy.

Great coaching skills are interchangeable regardless of sport, best practice is just that. We spent time looking at what motivates different people, different age groups and how to engage them in activities.

Investing in continuous coaching development is fundamental. Technical skills are just that they are technical skills in a particular sport. Coaching skills are very different and like technical skills take a long time to develop.