Karate, Basingstoke, Karate England, NGBBlack Belt Research Project 2013

Introduction by Zane Sewell

As part of the preparation for my black belt examination I am going to complete a project looking at how I can help and encourage others to become the best of themselves in their Martial Arts.

To explore this I will consider the following questions:

a) When we practise a Martial Art, sometimes things go really well and sometimes they don’t go well at all. How do you encourage someone when things aren’t going so well?

b) How can you help someone to really want to do well in their training and to become the best that they can?

c) When someone is in the middle of a match and they are losing, what do they think and do to encourage themselves to win?

I believe that this topic tells me to investigate ways of helping people to be as good as they can be and also how to get them to push themselves to achieve future goals.

I will find out how people become the best and also how people become the best outside of karate.  I will also look for deeper information about being the best, and what it actually means.

I will find out my information by searching the internet, getting books from a library and more importantly speaking to other people and finding out their point of view.  In everyday life I will watch and think about what people do when it gets hard in different scenarios.

This topic will teach me how to reach my aims and achieve my greatest and this will be important to me in my training and in general life.

I think that this topic will also help me to become the best I possibly can.

I hope that what I will find out will help me to gain the skills to coach and mentor others in training by being able to encourage them. Setting a good example will inspire other children to become the best.

In the next few months I will create three essays based on the questions above.