Grading, Black Belt, Tsunami Martial Arts, Paul Pretty, Basingstoke, Karate, Martial Arts, TaekwondoOur Karate club’s Head Coach Bryan Andrews was invited to hold a seminar and grading in Iver for Tsunami Martial Arts, which is a club based in West London and Norfolk. Paul Pretty 4th Dan is the Chief Instructor of the club and he and Bryan have known each other for over 25 years since their years training together in Windsor.

The course covered competition Kumite skills taught through different physical techniques and included the concepts of footwork, bodyweight, guard, stance and how to score techniques.


At the end of the course, a Black Belt grading was held for a number of the participants. They were tested on their fundamental techniques (Kihon), their forms (Kata) and fighting (Kumite) as well as their understanding of the principles and theory behind their physical skills, in the form of a presentation to the assembled audience and participants. During the course of the 3.5 hour grading, they all had a number of unexpected challenges thrown their way in a bid to take them out of their comfort zone and challenge their thinking.


The following people successfully passed their Black Belt (Shodan) grading:-

Under 16s:- James Holt, Samuel Poulter, Ellen Taylor and Jack Friend

Adults:-  Gary Maguire, Mark Maguire, Paul Allen and Selina Lo

Congratulations to all of them and good fortune as you move forward onto the next phase of your journey.


If you are looking for a club to train with practicing Karate or Tai Chi in either West London or North Norfolk, then we can recommend and it’s Chief Instructor Paul Pretty.