Basingstoke Martial Arts Academy

New Judo Class in Basingstoke

New Judo class in Basingstoke Martial Arts Academy
New Judo class in Basingstoke Martial Arts Academy

From next week our Basingstoke Martial Arts Academy we will be adding Judo to our curriculum.

Judo will compliment our already established arts of Karate/Kickboxing and MMA and will add in new skills to our Martial Arts Academy, particularly in throwing, grappling and ground work.

We’ve run a couple of Judo taster classes, firstly for adults and secondly for Kids, both were well received and participants have learnt some new skills practicing breakfalls, throws, groundwork and stand up skills. We look forward to taking these skills forward and gaining greater knowledge and depth in their practice.

If you are interested in learning Judo in Basingstoke, then this is the place to come to. With a fully equipped and professional Judo Dojo, you won’t find better facilities that are safer to train on and with a range of great fitness and Martial Arts equipment that all of our members benefit from us

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