JUDO, martial arts, bja, Judo club,The project I have to do for my Black Belt grading is “Learning a martial art is said to be character building” and I have three questions that I will have to answer. They are:

1 – How would martial arts help someone who is-
2 – Shy
3 – Aggressive
4 – Unconfident
5 – Over confident
6 – Bullied
7 – Bully
8 – Quiet
9 – Noisy
10 – What changes have you seen in you friends their time training in martial arts
11 – What do you think the biggest changes that martial arts have brought to me


To be able to answer this question I will find what character building means. To do this I will look through the internet and when I find an answer I will then cross reference it with other pages that explain what it means.


I have found that character building means that you have to build yourself with your own self beliefs, as well finding a role model that is the character you want to be like. For example; someone who pays attention, knows better ways of completing goals, finding a role model with the certain types of aspects you want can change you as a person either in a good way or a bad way.

In my opinion I think martial arts can be character building, but only to some extent. One way someone could change their character through martial arts, for an example they could become more fit and as a consequence of that they could feel more confident about themselves because they can play other sports in a better way because they are more fit. A person can also make friend by doing a martial art and this can make them less shy and unconfident because they know someone will stick up for them, especially if that person is at their school. I further think that if someone is too noisy then doing a martial art can make them more disciplined and teaching them to control themselves by not being so noisy, I think this because a martial art can be dangerous and if someone keeps calling out then firstly it will interrupt the lessen and therefore slow it down , secondly it is important that everyone can hear what the instructor is saying so no one gets hurt. They will learn this overtime because hopefully the instructor will talk to them about it and tell them what is bad about being as noisy as they are. These are only some examples of ways people can change and of course there are more. However I don’t think that it will help someone who is a bully, because although they will learn things that can keep them from being a bully like, being a bit more disciplined with themselves. They can also learn things that will make them a worse bully and person, because instead of calling someone names they may actually physically damage them as well, this is because of some of the moves they learn from a martial art.


I am going to research this topic in more then one way. One of the ways I am going to research this topic is by having a look on the internet and seeing what people have to say about character building through martial arts. Next I will have a look at people myself and how they have changed trough martial arts. This is by having a look at people who have joined very recently and also having a look at people who have been doing martial arts for a period either the same length as me or an even a longer period. This may take me a while as I will have to see the newer people change throughout a few weeks/months because people don’t change instantly.


What I hope to get out of this work is finding out how people have changed and what has affected people to change. Through this I can also see how I have changed throughout my time doing martial arts. I hope to see what states people are in when they join a martial arts club and by seeing how they change I can hopefully learn how to make someone’s life a bit more pleasant, by maybe influencing them in small ways to become more confident or even become less over confident. I would like to persuade people to join a martial arts club because it is a great way to try something  new and also another great way to learn helpful new skills, like listening intently and cooperating with other people even if you usually wouldn’t. Martial arts gives you the opportunity to learn how to be able to teach people new things that you have learnt, which can help you throughout your life. Those are the biggest things I would like to get out of this topic.


One of the things I would like other children to learn from my work on this topic is that the people reading my essay are maybe overconfident or a bully and that they should change that so that people can have a better experience of life, instead of one that the bullies and overconfident people are maybe ruining. I would also like the unconfident, shy, bullied and quiet people to realise that they are some of those people and that they should try and do things so that they might not be so quiet or shy. For the people who are bullied I don’t want them to get out of this topic that they have to do something themselves about the problem like physically harming the bully back. You/they could try to do something themselves by  talking to their bully about how he/she is making them feel. Or if they don’t want to do it themselves or the bullies don’t listen then they should go and tell an adult about the problem so that they can sort it out.


So to sum up what I would really like out of this essay and for anyone reading it, is to realise they are maybe to noisy or quiet or any other of the examples I have put in my essay and more things that they are and I would like them to change it and become a better or more improved person.