The winter nights are here now. It’s cold outside. You’ve got a good book. A warm cup of coffee. You feel tired from work. There’s a good movie on TV. The dog gets lonely…..

The next time you feel like a night off or can’t be bothered, have a think about those people in the world, who don’t have a choice in the matter, they simply have to get on with things.

When you feel like curling up and dying because you have ‘man-flu’ or want to get totally drunk because your Boss at work is a Git and made your week hell. Think about someone like Dave Kengen in the video below and what choices he made and tell me that you can’t do the same. Can you imagine what he’s gone through to be able to do this? Me neither. You want to become a Black Belt? Take a leaf out of Dave’s book, he is a true Black Belt. Indomitable spirit all the way.

You can either have results or excuses, but never both. The choice of which is totally down to you.

Be Inspired!