Karate kids are winners in competition

Members from the club took part in the UK Open Karate competition in The University of East London. This is always a good event with a high standard of refereeing and competitors. It is one of the highlights of our Karate competition calendar for our squad.

Essam Shrief Sensei from The English Shotokan Karate Federation is the host and organiser of the Karate competition, he is a Referee Commissioner for The World Union of Karate-do Federations. This is sanctioned as an official WUKF Karate competition, This merits entries from contestants and officials as far afield as African with many European countries entering. This is are particularly strong entries from Czech, Romania and Poland along with many different African countries.

For our young team, these Karate championships are a great test of their improved skills and a chance to see some elite level competitors in action. Medals aren’t easily won at the championships, so any medal is a fantastic result. Congratulations to the following medal winners.


  • Charlie – Bronze
  • Orla – Bronze
  • Kaiya Bronze
  • Kate – Bronze


  • Jake

Thanks to Adrian for coaching throughout the day and for Samantha and Sarah’s help in making sure the day ran smoothly for the team.

Teenagers from Basingstoke wins Karate medal

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Ladies veteran Karate
Adapted Karate
Karate Medal for Basingstoke girl
Two medals winners for Karate club
Karate competition sparring

Karate was originally a Budo art with no conception of competition. When people fought is was for real and resulted in injuries to generally both parties. In order to legitimise competitions, a set of rules were formulated to make it safer for contestants.Whilst we enter competitions, it should noted that competition Karate is only a very small part of what we train for. This is one of a number of events that we enter during the course of the year to test ourselves. Win or loss, our team are expected to, and do infact, behave with dignity and humbleness with respect being shown to competitors and officials alike. Competing can teach some valuable life lessons if the right attitude is forthcoming.