Congratulations to all of our members who passed last weekend, their latest belts in push towards their Martial Arts goal of becoming a Black Belts. We had members from Karate, Kung Fu and Kickboxing grading (Our Judo one will be later in the Autumn) attempting their next belt.

Given that we have all been locked down for nearly four months, it was a welcome break in the monotony and for many people a way to focus upon something postive to look forward to.

In addition to the gradings at the club, we ran a number of gradings online during the weekend, as we were unable to have every group doing a physical grading through to social distancing regulations / students to coach ratios.

With that said we worked each group, from our Rising Heroes (4-6 yr olds) through to our adult’s classes for members, to ensure that we could see their technical skills and knowledge in blocking, punching and kicking alongside their Katas (from Karate) and Forms (from Kung Fu and Tai Chi) 

During the period of lockdown, we’ve been pleased with the dedication and progress of our members regularly training with us on line and more recently in person, in small groups.


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